Sunday, April 10, 2011

tea and chapstick.

in case you were wondering...tea and chapstick is going to be the name of joel and i's folk band duo...whenever we finally get around to making some music. :) he promises it will be soon though. i am going to learn how to play the ukulele, while he plays guitar and/or harmonica, jimbay, or keys...whatever he is feeling that day i suppose. we will both sing...maybe play some coffee shop shows? perhaps. has been really sweet lately. i feel so blessed to have such a wonderful community of friends and people i love and cherish (that also love me as well i hope :).

i do love hot and humid AR (yes i am totally serious), but there is nothing quite like living by the ocean...

1940's inspired bridal photo shoot with a contemporary twist on saturday. i am calling it "sous les d├ęcombres" which is french for "beneath the rubble." (aka: taking an old dated era, bringing it back and making it something beautiful and fresh)

i am very excited to be working with the lovely photographer, Krista Guenin to achieve the vision i have in mind! it will be a wonderful day (as long as we don't get rained on).

had a chinese food picnic in a greek festival park today with a dear friend, filled with laughter and joy. her friendship is such a treasure.

hmm...what else...many brides these days. so many lovely ladies going to be walking down the aisle soon.

spring is in the air..

Be at rest once more, O my soul, for the Lord has been good to you. -Psalm 11:7

i read this verse this morning when my head was swarming with all the things i have been anxious about, things i need to get done, things that have been on my heart...what a simple and beautiful verse to remind us to just chill out! we are blessed to even be here! we are children of comforting.

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